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Security Token Offering

Security token offerings are an alternative to the traditional IPO method of raising capital.

NFT Marketplace

Discover the marketplace and purchase NFTs available for sale on the platform. Integrate wallets.

Custom Blockchain

Our expertise in Blockchain and Blockchain-related products and services allow us to deliver the best products to you.

Stable Coin

Create your own stable crytocurrency. Stable coin is pegged to other assets (like the US Dollar, metals, real estate, and other cryptocurrencies).

Enterprise Blockchain

Develop a decentralized ledger, a shared and trusted record of information that is not controlled by a single person or entity.

Supply Chain

A blockchain based solution that helps in determining and proving provenance of product and securely track & trace exactly where product is in a Global Supply Chain

Redefine your business by leveraging the potential of Blockchain Technology.

Our Work

Mimir: One of world’s first quiz game powered by blockchain technology.

Innovibe have created a backend database along with a front end web application to manage the users of their platform and allow them to keep up to date with Mimir news. It also features a built-in wallet on the Polygon network to allow users to send and receive their Mimir tokens. This wallet is accompanied by several other components including a contact book, transaction history, a price chart of the Mimir Token and a fiat on ramp to buy Mimir token.

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Xofia: A way to access a decentralized financial ecosystem

Xofia provides and facilitates access to a DeFi ecosystem. Innovibe help to vision the client's idea while designing and building a decentralized marketplace for users.

Frequently Asked Questions

A blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that exists on multiple computers at the same time. It is a chain of blocks that contain records of information with a unique hash value that makes tampering with the data impossible. Development of applications or platforms using blockchain technology is defined as the blockchain development. It can bring trust and transparency to the business ecosystems with their ability to store immutable data.  We are a blockchain development company who can provide the blockchain development services right from building a PoC to setting up a decentralized application, deploying it on the cloud or on-premise and maintaining it after the development stage.

Blockchain can benefit various industries, including global supply chains, healthcare, government, financial services and many other industries. Startups and enterprises are exploring ways to disrupt blockchain to transform traditional business models. By providing you blockchain consulting services, our blockchain consulting team can help you understand how blockchain can bring transparency, traceability, security and efficiency to your business ecosystem.

We know that anything written to the blockchain or smart contracts cannot be deleted or altered. Therefore, we always ensure to follow the right strategy when it comes to the blockchain implementation.

Our team has created a right approach to building blockchain applications and we follow a step-by-step blockchain development process using the agile methodology.

Following are the stages involved in the development of blockchain application in chronological order:

-Selection of Blockchain Platform
-Blockchain Ideation to identify other technology stacks for the application
-Development of PoC or Prototype
-Visual and Technical Designs
-Blockchain App Development
-Blockchain App Deployment
-Maintenance and Upgrades

When a group of blockchain experienced experts with a team of developers, technical architects and blockchain insights, come together to suggest you the feasible solution for your blockchain development, they are called as a blockchain consulting company.

What can we build for you?

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